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Etiquette & Rules

We want everyone to enjoy their time at the Sunset Drive-in Please read and use the advise on this page so that a safe and fun time can be had by all!

Speed Limit:
The maximum speed limit is 10 MPH. Please drive carefully.

SUV's, vans, large trucks, cars with luggage racks or any other vehicle taller then 5 feet that obstructs the view of the screen must park in the last two (2) rows on Fridays, Saturdays and Holidays. Management reserves the right to designate the parking location of vehicles and to reposition vehicles that are blocking the view of other patrons. Please make sure to park with the front tires on the highest elevation of the ramp for the best viewage.

Diesel vehicles, vehicles with modified exhausts and "oil burners" that make noise while running may be repositioned to the rear rows if you run your engines during the movie for air conditioning or heating and we receive complaints from other customers.

Each vehicle is designated one parking spot. When sitting outside your vehicle you cannot occupy another parking space. Please park within 3' of the car next to you to allow for maximum parking. We reserve the right to reposition you if necessary.

Restrooms and Refreshment Stand:
Please walk to the restrooms and Concession Stand. DO NOT DRIVE unless handicapped for the safety of other patrons.

Supervise Your Children:
Children must be supervised at all times while using the playground. Please be sure your children use the equipment properly. There is no standing in the middle of the merry-go-round or climbing the swing set poles. The playground closes when the movies begin.

Sitting on Top of Vehicles:
We do not allow people to sit or lay on cars, van, SUV or other roofs. You can sit in the back of vehicles such as SUV's, Pick-Up Trucks, etc, as long as you park so you do not block the view of other customer's. If you have a hatchback and you wish to open it you must bring a bungee to tie it down even with your roof. If you forget your bungee, please ask the Concession stand for twine (available at no charge).

Rain Policy:
Normally we do not close for rain.

We will never be closed on weekends. During the week if there is heavy rain it is possible that we will close. Please call the Drive-in Info line 862-1800 to see if we are open. If you do not get a recording we are closed for the evening.

Laser Lights:
Laser lights are prohibited at the Drive-in. Any person found in possession of a laser pointer will be escorted from the Theater. Please leave them at home.

Grills and Cooking in the parking Area:
For your safety and that of others around you grills and cooking devises are not allowed at the Drive-in

Pets are welcome at the Drive-in as long as they are on a leash and are quiet. If you dog has an accident please pick up after it.

Leaving and Returning to the Drive-in:
It is against the Drive-in policy to leave the property and then to return without paying a second admission charge.

1. If you vehicle is taller than the one behind you ask them if you are blocking their view and consider moving if you arrived after them.

2. When driving in the lot during the movie, please dim your lights.

3. Please do not play your radio too loud so it distracts the other patrons.

4. Do not talk loud or run around during the movie or using profanity.

Daytime Running Lights:
Patrons must be in control of their own headlights. Usually they can be turned off by activating your emergency brake; please refer to your owners' manual. If they cannot be disabled, please bring blankets, cardboard or duct tape to cover the lights or see the Concession Stand for something to cover the lights.

Drive Slowly and Carefully in the Drive-in:
Make sure you watch out for pedestrians at all times. Please drive slowly with your parking lights only, please.

Use Caution when Sitting Outside your Vehicle:
Make sure the driver of the car you are sitting in front or back of knows that you are there. Drivers: please check in front and back of your vehicle before pulling forward or backward.

No Bare Feet:
For you safety no bare feet is allowed at the Drive-in.

Refunds/Rain Checks:
We have a no refund policy. Rain checks will only be issued if there is an act of god causing technical difficulties. These will be determined by management.

Visit Our Snack Bar:
A large part of our admission price goes back to the film distributors and Hollywood, so please treat yourself to our delicious food and drinks in our snack bar.

Tell your Friends and Family about Us:
If you had a good time at the Sunset (and we know you will!) please tell your movie-going friends about us.

Weather: rain-out
Never on the weekend. If it's during the week and an all day rain and the forecast calling for more rain chances are we'll call a rain out. To know for sure call the Drive-in info line, if it answers then we're open if not we're closed. info line# 802 862-1800.